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from Reg McMicking....

Big Shout Out and Bravo to Danielle Ritchot for taking up management of the website dedicated to the history and genealogy of the McMicking Family. For me it was a labour of love and a serious hobby. It involved a lot of effort and time, but hopefully most of the leg work is done and Danielle can concentrate on updates, corrections and site design, etc.  Congratulations to all volunteers.

As a young boy I remember my father and aunt talking about great aunt Sarah.  As a child I thought that they were referring to someone who was mighty and powerful, but in fact the aunt Sarah they were talking about was their actual Great Aunt Sarah Augusta Mitchell, sister of their grandfather John Ewart McMicking.  She lived in Niagara Falls, Canada and had many children of her own but also "schooled" many of her neices and nephews, one of which would have been my grandfather. My father talked little about his family apart from an occasional anecdote about my grandfather.  Subsequently my interest in the family went unfullfilled. All that changed when I was a teenager.

Upon the death of my uncle Orville, my father came into possession of what he called "the Addie files".  These were hand written notes by Mary Adeline McMicking Thompson, the mother of Edgar Thompson who was my father's first cousin.  These notes detailed a lot of information about not only her children but also about her siblings and their children and even her aunts and uncles.  With this information I was able to form a family tree dating back to Niagara Falls, Ontario that showed I was a descendant of William McMicking and his wife Mary McClellan.  About the same time I came into possession of Joanne Leduc's book "Overland from Canada to British Columbia by Thomas McMicking" which not only reprinted Thomas' articles but also provided some info on the McMickings.  I made notes and started what I called the "R G McMicking Collection".

But my research and interest was put on hold as life's demands took over.  Marriage, career changes and children all took precidence over any genealogy research.  My interest remained dormant for almost 40 years.  It wasn't until my wife passed away that I again took up interest in my family history.  I assembled what little information I had and put it online with a website called "The McMicking Family in Canada".  Almost immediatly I started getting emails from people across the country and in the USA that added to the content and detail of the site which I renamed "The McMicking Family" and published online. Linda and Ron in Victoria, BC provided the information I was missing regarding members of the family who settled out west.  Larry provided information about many family members who settled in the USA.  Now the site was truly international. But that was just the beginning.

Penny from Australia started a new phase in my site when she forwarded to me a massive amount of information about the McMicking family in Australia.  I always knew their were many family members in Australia but never knew the connection. Penny provided that and much more, drawing connections to family members in the UK, The Philippines and other places.  Now the site was truly global.  Other family members in Australia, NZ, The Phlippines and even Japan filled in gaps and it wasn't long before a complete bloodline became clear to family members worldwide. 

This site is dedicated to all family members everywhere - to those living today or yet to arrive and as a memorial to all those who lived in the past.  This site is not 100% accurate and never will be - that's why we appeciate and encourage those who advise us of errors or ommissions.  This site is not complete and never will be - the family grows

The family flourishes, but  "a family can wither if no one tends its roots".

No family genealogy website as extensive as this one can be managed by only one individual.  The following is a list of those who volunteered their time to help with design, data entry and research.  

Sylvia Wallen (Canada) has helped from the start and is lead researcher; 

Mark Heatherington (UK) who managed the site for three years and still does research; 

Patricia McMicking (Canada) who took over from Mark and managed the site for four years; 

Gail Lewis-Dean (Scotland) who helps with ancestry research in the UK; 

Daniel Franklin (Canada) who does research verification and manages the McMicking Family sites on Rootsweb and GeneaNet. Daniel also publishes family trees online; 

Stephen McCullough (UK) who helps with graphics and site development;  

Noreen Brennon (USA) who helps Sylvia with data entry and research.