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This site is a free website offered by Wix.com.  Our URL is https://themcmickingfamily.wixsite.com/genealogy.


We are a group of four volunteers. Involvement in this website is strictly a "labor of love", and hopefully will serve also as a fitting legacy to Reg McMicking who invested decades in researching and recording info on the McMicking family around the world.

We are grateful to Reg who is pointing his domain (mcmickingfamily.com) to this site.  Either URL will reach this website's homepage.


After The Genealogy of the McMicking family website was slated for deletion, we quite by accident got together to see what we could do to preserve the vast amount of information about the McMicking family that was displayed on that website.


Most of us have never met face to face and communicate entirely by email, text messaging and phone.  We live in Canada, UK and USA.


We have no hierarchy with all of us deciding together (majority rules) on how to develop this website.  That having been said we have agreed that each of us will oversee specific aspects of website mangement - as outlined below.


Patricia L


Communication and Research


Dave M


Site Design and Graphics


Brian G


Indexing and Linking


Selena V


Data Entry


Advisers & Consultants

We appreciate the counsel, input and suggestions of the following people,

but they have no site responsibilities

Reg M

Reg B

Stephen M

Danny F

Mark H

S Wallen

Cindy R



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