All individuals (except spouses) are members of Clan McMicking based on their direct bloodline to

Sir Gilbert MacMickin & Baroness Elisabeth Kennedy



Bastedo, Frank Lindsay, Lieut-Gov, Saskatchewan


Brice, Sue, MPP, British Columbia


Campbell, Neil William - Olympic Gold Medalist


Denman, Sir Charles Spencer - 5th Baron Denman of Dovedale


Denman, Hon. Thomas, Gov-Gen Australia


Mahony, John Keefer, VC, Victoria Cross Recipient


McMicken, Alexander, Mayor of Winnipeg


McMicken, Charles, Benefactor, U of Cincinnati


McMicken, Gilbert, Banker, Mayor


McMicking, Gilbert - MLA, Upper Canada  - Link to Wikipedia


McMicking, Helen Mary, Lady Primrose


McMicking, Joseph R - Financier, Philippines, USA


McMicking, Margret Leighton - wife of Robert Burns McMicking


McMicking, Robert -  Australia pioneer


McMicking Robert Burns - British Columbia pioneer


McMicking, Thomas of Queenston - Leader of Overlanders of 62


McMicking, Brig Thomas Neil - Commander, Black Watch


Pinsent, Sir Matthew Clive - Olympic and World Gold Medalist


Startin, Admiral Sir James- Rear Admiral of the British Channel Fleet






Frank L Bastedo          Sue Brice                      Sir Charles S Denman

Hon Thomas Denman  John K Mahony VC  Alexander McMicken              

Charles McMicken      Gilbert McMicken       Joseph R McMicking

Robert McMicking      Thomas McMicking    Robert B McMicking

Sir Matthew Pinsent   Sir James Startin

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