Constance Catherine Evanger (nee McMicking) was born April 30, 1868 at Glasgow, Scotland and died November 9, 1930 at Illinois, USA.  She was the daughter of  Thomas McMicking Wilson  (1839-1894) and Wibecke Janson  (1846-1923).  On October 20, 1893 at Bergen, Norway she married Anders Nielsen (Nilsson) Evanger  (1867-1933).

1  Thomas Wilson Evanger   (b.Aug 31,1894,Bergen - d.1895,Norway)
2  Tryguie Wilson Evanger  (b.Sept 28,1898,Bergen - d.1970,USA)
3  Sigurd Wilson Evanger (b.May 1,1900,Bergen - d.1979,USA)
4  Earling Wilson Evanger (b.Feb 18,1901,Bergen - d.1968)
5  Fritzof Wilson Evanger  (b.March 26,1902,Bergen - d.1877)
6  Gjertrud Wilson Evanger (28 December 1904, Bergen, Norway - 26 January 1985, Sarasota, Florida, USA)

    - married John Clark Plum, born 30 April 1903, Deceased 19 June 1962


 Records of R G McMicking Collection 
 Records of S Wilson (Emails to Reg McMicking)
 Records of J Carter (Email to Reg McMicking)
 Ref: Angelfire,com - Our Plum Family Tree
 Ref: - Familien Thomas McMicking Wilson/Wibecke Janson
 Ref: Digitalarkivet - Marriage Record



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