Consuela Natalia Ramona Mc Micking Hall was born November 20, 1909 at Manila, Philippines and died January 1945 at Manila, Philippines.  She was the daughter of Joseph McMicking Sr. "Jose"  (1879-1942) and Angelina Joaquin de Ynchausti (1885-1965).  On June 20, 1930 at Manila she married Alaistair Cameron "Shorty" Hall  (1910-1971).
Consuela was executed by the Japanese in January 1945 with her sister (Helen) and brother (Alfred) along with hundreds of others.

1  Roderick Cameron McMicking Hall   b.Nov. 7,1932,Manila) *1 
2  Ian Cameron McMicking Hall   (b.1934,Manila) 
3  Alaistair Cameron McMicking Hall   (b.May,1936,Manila - d.Sept.,1963,California,USA) 
4  Consuela McMicking Hall  (b.1937) 
    - married Robert Aliastar McHugh, 7 July 1962, San Francisco, California, USA

 Records of R G McMicking Collection 
 Records of B Myles-Durham  (Email to Reg McMicking)
 *1 Document: The Battle for Manila, A Personal Memory, by Roderick C McMicking Hall




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