Mahun (aka Mahune MacMiadhachain) was born circa 735 at Girvan, Shire of Carrick, Scotland (Dalraida) and died circa 830.  He was a son of  Gilhriun MacMiadhachain (circa 655 AD – circa 742 AD,Scotland)  Information on his mother and spouse(s) is not known.


Gen 1: Uromaheen  (MacMiadhachain)  aka Gilrumeen  (b.circa 825)
Gen 2: Alban MacMaehun  (b.circa 900)
Gen 3: Gilbart MacMaehun  (b.circa 925)
Gen 4: Maehune  (b.circa 950)
Gen 5: Willhem MacMahun  (b.circa 1000)   
Also known as “William of Carrick”.  Some chronicles indicate he was the son of Gilbart.  Based on lineage it is determined that he was likely the “grandson”. …Ref A McMicking
Gen 6: Anshtrek MacMahun  (b.circa 1025) 
This name appears in the family files of a McMeehan family in England as being an ancestor of Gilbert McMeekin, which is likely Gilbert McMicken who lived in the 17th century.  These same files also include the name of “Gilrart” (Gilbart MacMaehun)  as an ancestor of Anshtrek. ….Ref McMeehan, A McMicking, Meighan, Brennan
Gen 7: Fiachadum MacMahun  (b.circa 1050)   
A claim is made that this individual migrated to Scandinavia  (Norway) where he died.  No records have been found to support this claim, although there is speculation that he may have actually been a prisoner of Norse invaders. ….Ref. A McMicking 
Gen 8: Fiachahd (MacMahun)  (b.circa 1075)
Gen 9: Rusid Mahun / MacMahun  (1138-1200)



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