William Henry A McMicking was born 1781 at Edinburgh, Scotland and died 1851 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  He was the son of Alexander McMicking (1744-1821) and Margaret Elizabeth Morrison (1742-1813).  In 1804 in Sherbrooke, Quebec he married Janice Evangelista Lapointe  (1783-1870).


William immigrated to Pennsylvania from Edinburgh in 1800 at age 19 and married Janice Lapointe, the daughter of Jean Lapointe, the largest landowner in St. Honore. Lower Canada at the time. William was visiting Sherbrooke when he met Janice and after they married they moved to Moncton in New Brunswick and then to Pennsylvania in the USA to raise their family  -PQFiles 98ju - poss  D.McMicking


1  Elizabeth Margarette McMicking  (1805-1880)
2  Danielle Andrea McMicking   (1809-1880)  
     - married 1833 in Winnipeg,Canada, Marc Martel
3  Cecilia Marchand McMicking   (1811-1899)   
     - married 1830 in Montreal, Joseph McGill
4  Jean "John" William McMicking  (1818-1899)





 Records of R G McMicking Collection
 Records of L Meighan, Research files
 Records of Gail Lewis-Dean, Research files
 Records of Gary Myles  (Email to Reg McMicking)



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