John Edward Cooper was born August 24, 1834 at Stamford, Welland Co., Upper Canada and died March 16, 1872 at Welland Co., ON., Canada.  He was the son of Daniel Cooper (1800-) and Mary Jane McGill (1809-).  He married Melissa Angeline Maybee (1841-1880).


1  Hiram Cooper  (1853-1953)
2  Elizabeth Jane Cooper  (1863-)
3  Rose Cooper  (1863-) 
    - married Apr 12, 1884,Belleville, ON, James MacFarlane  (1844-)
4  Mary Nellie Cooper  (1865-)
5. Benson Cooper (1869-
     - married June 23, 1894, Hastings Co., ON., Canada, Cynthia Priory (1875-?)
6  Julia Ann Cooper  (1870-1929)





Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of D N Franklin, Research files

Records of R Cooper  (Email to Reg McMIcking)




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