John McKerlie was born 1801 at Stamford Twp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada and died Sept 29,1879, Waterford, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of John McKerlie (1774-?) and Jane "Jenny" McMicking (1777-?).  On June 4, 1823 at Stamford, Welland Co., Upper Canada he married Rachel Pew (1901-1885).




1  Walter McKerlie,   b.1826 - d.1898  

2  William McKerlie,   b.1829 -d.1899

3  Agnes McKerlie   b.1832 - d.1894 

4  Peter McKerlie,   b.1834 - d.1854

5  Alexander McKerlie,   b.1838 - d.1907

Sarah McKerlie   b.1839 - d.1922 

7  Jane McKerlie   b. 1844 - d.Mar 21,1927  - married Calvin McMichael 1842-1899

8  Ann McKerlie   b. 1848 - d.1890. - married Henry Searles







Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of D N Franklin, Research files

Records of J Ruckpaul (Email to Mark Heatherington)




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