John McKerlie born 1835 at Binbrook Ontario, Canada and died 1885 at Edna, Labette County, Kansas, USA.  He was the son of Peter McKerlie (1803-1877) and Bathsheba Teneyck (1805-1875).  On June 8, 1862 at Jackson Co., Iowa, USA he married Jane Scrambling (1829-1885).


1  Mae Loretta McKerlie  (1864-1935)

   - She married Samuel Lincoln Dughman 1861-1910
2  Margaret B McKerlie  (1867-1937)

   - She married Charles E McAfee, 1868-1938
3  Anthony A McKerlie  (1869 -?) 
4  Louis Herschel McKerlie  (June 21,1870-Sept 23,1936,Wichita Falls, Texas, USA)
5  George Samuel McKerlie 





Records of J Ruckpaul (Email to Mark Heatherington)
Records of D McKerlie  (Email to Mark Heatherington)
Document: 1870 US Census




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