James Harvey McMicking was born August 5, 1929, Detroit, USA and died August 9, 2008, St Clair Shores, Michigan, USA.  He was the son of Herbert Raymond McMicking (1904-1978) and Muriel Howe (1905-1983).  He married Katherine Ann Hestwood (1933-2008).  They divorced.




1 Living McMicking (M)

2 Living McMicking (F)

3 Living McMicking (M)

4 Living McMicking  (F)





Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Sylvia Wallen, Research files

Records of Ian Wright (Email to Reg McMicking)

Ref; Wayne State University, Notes on James Harvey McMicking

Ref. 1940 US Census

Document: Obituary Notice





James Harvey McMicking

date unknown

credit: Ian Wright

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