Maude Leighton Renwick (nee McMicking) was born July 23, 1870 at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and died December 21, 1950 at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  She was the daughter of Robert Burns McMicking (1843-1915) and Margaret Brown Leighton (1849-1944).  On June 28, 1897 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada she married Robert Alexander

Renwick (1870-1938).




Myra Leighton Renwick  (1899-1993)

Kate Kelman Renwick  (1902-1986)

Marjorie McMicking Renwick  (born October 12, 1906 at Victoria, BC, Canada and died October. 7, 1968)

   - On January 24, 1929 at Prince George, British Columbia, Canada she married Irving Wilson  (1903-?)

Maude Daugherty Renwick (born August 21,1915 at Victoria, British Columbia and died March 20, 2001 at Comox, British Columbia,  Canada)

    - In 1940 in British Columbia, Canada she married John “Jack” Arthur Church (1917-1995)





Records of Linda & Ron McMicking (Email to Reg McMicking)

Document: 1921 Canada Census

(Maude's husband, Robert, is recorded as boarding in Prince George when Census was taken - see below)

Document: 1921 Canada Census - Robert A Renwick

Document:  Registration of Marriage

Document: The Colonist: Renwick/McMicking Wedding





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