Robert Burns McMicking was born July 7, 1843 at Stamford, Lincoln Co., Canada West and died November 27, 1915 at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  He was the son of William McMicking (1805-1857) and Mary McClellan (1808-1873).  On June 28, 1869 in Lytton, British Columbia, Canada he married Margaret Brown Leighton (1849-1944).



Maude Leighton McMicking (1870-1950)

Ethel May McMicking (1873-1919)

Gertrude Isabella McMicking (1874 - 1874)

Claude Lancelot McMicking  (1876-1900)

Walter Byron McMicking  (born April 21, 1879 at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and died March  3, 1960 at Victoria)    

- On February 5, 1906 in Spokane, Washington, USA he married Caroline Agnes Luther Gafney (1885-1950)

Robert Rignold McMIcking  (1877-1919)          

Anthony Edgar Trimble McMicking (1880-1950)

Beatrice Elaine McMicking (1882-1882)    

Agatha Elaine Buie McMicking (1885-1943)                            






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Robert Burns McMicking

dated 1992

credit: BC Archives