Mary McMicking (nee McClellan) was born August 5, 1808 in Ft Henry, Frontenac Co., Upper Canada and died Nov 12, 1873 in Stamford, Welland Co., On., Canada. She was the daughter of John McClellan and Louisa Jane Catherine Thompson. She married May 17, 1827 in Stamford, William McMicking , son of Thomas McMicking IV and Isabel Gass. He was born March 5, 1805 in Stamford Village, Stamford Twp, Lincoln Co., Upper Canada and died August 20, 1857 in Stamford, Welland Co., Canada West.




Jane Elizabeth McMicking  (1828-1881)

Thomas McMicking (1829-1866)

Isabella McMicking  (1831-1911)

John Ewart McMicking (1832-1896)

William Peterson McMicking (1834-1912)

James Russell McMicking (1836-1917)

Eleanor McMicking  (1838-1886)        

Mary Eliza McMicking  (1840-1909)

Robert Burns McMicking (1843-1915)

10 Sarah Augusta McMicking  (1846-1926)

11 George Albert McMicking (1849-1921)

12 Emma Louise McMicking  (1851-1934)






Records of R G McMicking Collection

Document: A Sketch of Mary McClellan by Reg McMicking

Document: Obituary Notice

Document image: Gravesite Monument



Mary McMicking

date unknown

credit: Bob Mitchell

Mary McMicking

date abt 1853-54

credit: Bob Mitchell

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