Jessie Andrew Wells (nee McMicking) was born 1863 at Dunbarton, Scotland  and died 1940 at Portrush, Ireland.  She was the daughter of Thomas McMicking, JP  (1812-1884) and Agnes Andrew (1813-1866).  She married Rev. Hugh Richardson Wells  (1847-1933).




1  Elizabeth Cameron "Betty" McMicking  (b.1913,Edinburgh,Scotland) *


* Ballywillan Presbyterian Church

When Mr Wells was 70 and Mrs Wells 52, they adopted a five-year-old girl from Edinburgh .   We cannot be sure of the child’s background.   Some people think she lived in an orphanage, whilst others said she was related to Mrs Wells, as her name was Elizabeth Cameron McMicking and she called the Wells’ Uncle Hugh and Aunt Jessie.   Betty had long brown hair down to her waist and attended the Ladies High School in Coleraine, travelling there by bicycle.   Later she was educated at a boarding school in Sligo .   She was a very lively girl who found it hard to sit still.   She was clever and musical, and occasionally played the organ (not the pipe organ) on a Sunday evening in church.






Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Gail Lewis-Dean, Research files

Records of Penny Turnbull (Emails to Reg McMicking)



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