Samuel Douglas McMeekin was born 1819 in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland and died 1901 at Norwich Twp.,  Oxford Co., On., Canada.  He was the son of James McMiken  (1778-1862) and Marian Belle (Mary Bell)  (1800-1845).  He married Elizabeth Martha Mitchell  (1837-?). 


1  James Gilbert McMeekin, (Oct 31,1859, Wigtown, Scotland - d.?, USA?)

    -  married Elizabeth McWilliam
2  John McMeekin, (Apr 10,1861,Oxford Co., Canada West - Dec 10,1923,New York,USA)
William Bell McMeekin, (Oct 8,1863,Oxford Co., Canada West - July 26, 1917,Oxford Co.,Ontario, Canada)
Samuel Douglas McMicken, (Oct 24,1865,Oxford Co., Canada West - Apr 8,1932 at San Pedro,California,USA)
Elizabeth McMeekin, (June 10,1868,Oxford Co., ON, Canada - d.March 13,1913 at Oxford, ON., Canada) 
6  Jessica McMeekin, (Apr 23,1870,Oxford Co.,ON,Canada - Sept 28,1918)
7  Thomas Gordon McMeekin, (Nov 20,1872,Oxford Co.,ON,Canada - Oct 12,1929)
Robart Ian McMackin, (Jan,1876,Oxford Co.,ON,Canada - 1926,USA)
Robert Jeffrey McMeekin, (Aug 25,1875,Oxford Co., ON,Canada - 1962,Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania,USA)
10 Richard Mitchell McMeekin, (Feb 18,1878,Oxford Co.,ON,Canada - Feb 12,1962, St Ste Marie,ON,Canada)
11 Lennetta D McMackin, (March 4,1879,Oxford Co.,ON,Canada - 1960,Texas,USA)
12 Janette McMeekin, (Jan 23,1880,Oxford Co.,ON,Canada - May 14,1967,Oxford Co.,Ontario,Canada)



 Records of L Meighan, Research files
 Records of R McMeekin,  (Email to Reg McMicking)
 Records of S Richmond, (Email to Reg McMicking)




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