Gilbert McMicking, MLA was born December 10, 1788 at Stamford Village, Twp #2, Quebec Colony and died November 17, 1847 at Willoughby Twp, Welland Co., Canada West.  He was the son of Peter McMicking (1731-1823) and Agness Robertson (1745-1827).  On April 16, 1811 at Stamford,Upper Canada he married first Catherine Swayze (1793-1814).  On August 26, 1816 at Brockville, Upper Canada he married second Rhoda Oliver (1800-1875).



Child with Catherine Swayze:

1  Sarah Catherine McMicking  (1814-1882)


Child with Rhoda Oliver:

2  Mary Ann McMicking  (1818-1892).







Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Stephen McCullough, Research file

Records of A McClellan  (Email to Reg McMicking)

Ref: Bibliography: Journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada

Ref: Wikipedia Article - Gilbert McMicking

Document Image: Gravesite Monument




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