James W McMicking was born November 27, 1811 at Stamford Township, Upper Canada and died August 14, 1891 at Dundas, Ontario, Canada.  He was the son of Thomas McMicking IV  (1749-1830) and Isabella Gass  (1767-1830).  On June 21, 1847 in Stamford he married Mary Thompson (1828-1919).




Christy Eleanor McMicking (1852-1925)

2 Isabella Jane McMicking   

  - October 23, 1853 at Stamford Township, Upper Canada - May 23, 1941 at Toronto, ON., Canada

Thomas Andrew McMicking  (1857-1925)

William Johnstone McMicking (1858-1941)

Barbara Sarah McMicking  (1863-1930)

James Stamford McMicking (1868-1932)






Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Sylvia Wallen, Research files

Document: Manuscript by James W McMicking - A Sketch of the life of Thomas McMicking

Document: 1871 Canada Census

Document: Wentworth Co. Death Notice




Jams W McMicking

date unknown

credit: Dundas Historical Society

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