Annie Margaret Montagu (nee McMicking) was born September 1, 1860 at Liverpool, England and died October 6, 1916 at Sierra Madre, Los Angeles, California, USA.  She was the daughter of Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise  (1823-1890) and Helen Mary Macfarlane  (1824-1883).  On October 24, 1880 at London, England she married Lt-Cdr. Robert Acheson Cromie Montagu of Cromore House (1854-1931).



1  John Michael Cromie Montagu (1881-1966)

2  George Frederick Weld-Blundell  (1883-1958)  

3  Cuthbert Francis Montagu (May 29, 1884-Sept 7, 1966)

4  Austin Robert Montagu (1885-1965)

5  Rev.Walter Philip Montagu  (b.May 7,1886,London - d.Oct 31,1918,London)  *died of wounds (WWI) 

6  Gilbert Paul Montagu (June 30,1887-1944)

7  Mary Helen Montagu * (b.Feb 5. 1889-d.Feb 13 ,1892)    

    *died during discipline by mother, Annie Margaret

8  Alexander Cyril Montagu * (b.Sept 17,1890,London - d.Nov 26,1914)  

     *lost at sea onboard HMS Bulwark (WWI)

9  Mary Emily Winnifred Montagu (b.June 26,1893,Dublin)  * born while mother incarcerated in prison






Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Penny Turnbull (Emails to Reg McMicking)

Research Records of Carrie, U. of Regina  (Email to Reg Mcmicking)

Ref: ThePeerage.Com

Ref: PapersPast.Com - New Zealand article

Ref:  Rev. Walter Montagu - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Document: Cruelty to a Child

Document: Question Period, House of Commons,  February 22, 1892




Annie Montagu

date unknown

credit: D N Franklin

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