Gilbert McMicking (of Miltonise) was born November 9, 1823 at Crook (Stirling), Scotland died April 26, 1890 at Norfolk, London, England.  He was the son of  Thomas McMicking (of Miltonise)  (1786-1866) and Jane Morin (1787-1875).  On April 30, 1850 at Stirling, Scotland he married Helen Mary MacFarlane  (Apr 1,1824-Aug 24, Norfolk, England1888).    


"Miltonise is now owned by Gilbert M'Micking, having been purchased from his elder brother, Thomas, in 1876, at his request, when his only son Thomas died"  Ref. History of the lands and their owners in Galloway [by P.H. M'Kerlie]

Bibliography: A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of ..., Volume 2, By Sir Bernard Burke -  




1  Helen Mary McMicking  (1852-1919)

2  Thomas George Torrance McMicking  (1853-1939)

3  Jane Maitland McMicking  (1855-1934)

4  Alexander Thornton McMicking (1857-1923) *

5  Catherine Agnes McMicking   (1858-1889)

6  Annie Margaret McMicking  (1860-1916)

7  Maj. Gilbert McMicking, MP  (1862-1942)

8  Alice Elizabeth McMicking  (1863-1923)

9  Ethel Jane McMicking  (1865-1943)

10  Col. Harry McMicking  (1867-1944)


*Alexander McMicking

b. January 17, 1857 at London, England  

d. January 10, 1923 at  Ajaccio, Corsica

- death result of "flying accident"






Records of T A McMicking, Family Records

Records of C Clarke,  (Email to Reg McMicking)

Records of Penny Turnbull (Emails to Reg McMicking)

Ref: Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, Pg 1038

Ref: ThePeerage.Com

Document: Early Racing in Singapore




Gilbert McMicking

date unknown


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