Thomas McMicking of Miltonise was born May 13, 1786 in New Luce, Wigtonshire, Scotland, and died May 11, 1866 in Barrhill, Wigtonshire, Scotland. He was the son of Gilbert McMicking and Jane Douglas. He married Jane Morin, daughter of John Morin of Lagan and Catherine Beveridge. She was born 1787 in Lagan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland and died Feb 3, 1875 in Sterling, Scotland.


John Morin of Lagan, (Jane's father) was a landed proprietor in Dumfriesshire. In 1791 he bought the farm of Elliesland from Patrick Miller of Dalswinton. The tenant farmer at the time was one Robbie Burns. Burns had already decided to give up his tenancy of Elliesland. The final settling up at the conclusion of his tenancy led to a disagreement between Burns and John Morin. Burns's revenge was the poem "The Laird of Lagan":


The Laird of Lagan

by Robbie Burns

"When Morin deceased to the Devil went down,

Nothing would serve him, but Satan's own crown.

Thy fool's head, quoth Satan, that crown shall wear never.

I grant thou art as wicked, but not quite so clever".



Thomas McMicking  (1812-1884)

Catherine Jane McMicking   (1814-1911)

Jane Maitland McMicking  (1816-1860)

4 Mary McMicking  (1817-1902)

5 Helen McMicking  (1819-1838)

6 John McMicking (1821-1821)

Gilbert McMicking (of Miltonise) (1823-1890) TWIN*

8 John Thomas McMicking (1823-1823)  TWIN*

9 Ann Murray McMicking   (1824-1837)

10 Robert McMicking   (1826-1908)






Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of T A McMicking, Research files

Records of Sylvia Wallen, Research files

Records of Penny Turnbull (Emails to Reg McMicking)

Records of Gail Lewis-Dean, Research files (Emails to Reg McMicking)

Ref. MIadhachain Peerage

Document: Burke's Landed Gentry



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