Gilbert Stuart McMicking was born 1723 in St Ninians, Scotland and died January 30, 1800 in New Luce, Wigtonshire, Scotland. He was the son of Thomas MacMickin  and Elisabeth McHarg. He married Jane Douglas.  She was born 1758, and died Sept 21, 1788 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

1  Annabella McMicking/McMecking  (1778-1857)
2  Elisabeth Jeannie McMicking/McMecking  (1779-?)  
3  Eleanor Douglas McMicking/McMecking  (1782-1822)  
4  Mary Ellen McMicking   (1784-1848) 
5  Thomas McMicking (of Miltonise)  (1786-1866) 
6  Gilbert T McMicking   (Dec 9.1787-Sept 10.1831) 




 Records of R G McMicking Collection 
 Records of T A McMicking, Research files
 Records of L Meighan, (Email to Reg McMicking)
 Records of Penny Turnbull (Emails to Reg McMicking)
 Records of Gail Lewis-Dean, Research files (Emails to Reg McMicking)
 Document: Forgotten Lands of Killantringan by G L Dean
 Document: Notes on Miltonise Monument 
 Document: Sir Bernard Burke's Landed Gentry
 Document: Miadhachain Peerage



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